Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Graduate School Mini Post

Since we last talked, children, I have moved to an undisclosed Midwestern hellhole, attending an undisclosed Midwestern university's MA program in philosophy. I am also responsible for teaching a section of an Intro course composed of roughly 35 bovine, glassy-eyed, mouth-breathing future drop outs.

I am also currently living in an apartment complex and rooming with a 20 year old Saudi Arabian guy who plays Call of Duty at all possible times, yells in Arabic while playing said game--behavior which, among other things, drove out our other room mate (another 20 year old, from the suburbs of Pittsburgh, who couldn't figure out how not to burn eggs).

This post is just to let you all know that I just had to turn down the heat in the apartment. It's about 50 degrees outside right now, and my room mate had the thermostat set to 90.


I don't even.



D-Rock said...

Just get Kermit to come live with you too...then I'm sure your call of duty roommate won't stay around for too long. Hahahahahaha!!!!!

Anonymous said...

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